Automated Vending Manager (AVM) Vending Machine

Inventory Management via Industrial Vending Machine

AVM - Automated Vending Manager

Powered by 1sourcevendAutomated Inventory Management (AIM) “cloud computing” software system, the Automated Vending Manager (AVM) is a high security helix coil cabinet with a computer for dispensing inventory and supplies at the “point of use”.


•  Total security industrial vending system
•  Internet connected for automatic data collection
•  Online reporting suite – replenishment, usage, on hand inventory, receipts and more
•  Cloud computing software for automated worry free data collection
•  Customized helix size selection
•  Holds up to 60 different SKU’s
•  Simple “plug and play” installation
•  No software upgrade charges
•  Run multiple units with one computing station
•  Least expensive industrial vending machine in the market